A multifactorial disease characterized by unstable tear film causinga variety
of symptoms and/or visual impairment, potentially accompanied by ocular surface damage.



Knowing the Maximum Secretory Capacity of the lacrimal glands and the degree of tear flow reduction caused by lacrimal gland malfunction is important for the diagnosis and prevention of ocular surface diseases in humans and pets.

The most direct way to know this maximal secretory capacity is through nerve stimulation, by maximal excitation of the sensory nerves of the ocular surface, which reflexively activate the secretion of these glands.

It is therefore necessary to have an effective and non-invasive method of tear stimulation that produces the maximum possible flow.

Our Solution

The systems currently available on the market do not satisfactorily meet this need. In order to solve this shortcoming, we have developed and patented a device thet activate maximum reflex secretion of tears in in humans and pets eyes, based on the activation of the polymodal nociceptor nerve endings of the cornea in an effective and non-invasive way.


About us

Tearful is a start-up company,
focus on the manufacturing
and commercialization of i-Onion™,
a unique device
that supports tear flow
measurement for the Dry Eye Disease
(DED) market.